Interlibrary Loan

Policy Statement:
The Herington Public Library provides interlibrary loan service to enhance and extend resources available to its users. Because the library cannot purchase or subscribe to every useful resource, interlibrary loan is an essential service to meet the informational needs of the community.

ILL is a cooperative service agreement between libraries to lend or borrow materials in order to fill borrower requests.

Borrowing Materials from Other Libraries:

  1. The interlibrary loan service is available to all HPL cardholders with accounts in good standing. (Less than $10.00 in fines or fees)
  2. There are no restrictions on the type of materials borrowers may request. The library will attempt to locate books, articles, videos, etc. Interlibrary loan request are not made for items that are in HPL’s collection, unless the item is lost, more than 30 days overdue, or missing for over 30 days.
  3. Generally there are no fees or charges for borrowing materials through interlibrary loan within the state of Kansas. The lending library may charge borrowers with a fee for postage, handling or photocopies.
  4. There is a five item limit on how many items a borrower can have out at one time through interlibrary loan. Overdue charges of five cents a day are charged for interlibrary loan materials for a maximum of $2.00.
  5. Borrowers are responsible for damage done to interlibrary loan material while in their possession. Fines for damage or replacement cost are assessed by the lending library. Fines for interlibrary loan items that are damaged by borrowers are determined by lending library. The HPL communicates charges to the borrower, takes payment of the fine and pays the lending library for the damages. The interlibrary loan librarian notifies borrowers of damage fines and fees by phone or mail.

Lending Materials to Other Libraries:

  1. HPL does not lend magazines, non-circulating reference materials, book discussion kits, or any item that is irreplaceable through interlibrary loan. Popular, high demand items needed to fill demand of Herington’s borrowers are not loaned.
  2. The loan period for interlibrary loan items is three weeks from the date that item is checked out to the borrowing library. Most items may be renewed unless there is a hold on that item.
  3. HPL does not charge fees for items sent to other libraries on interlibrary loan, including overdue fees. The first ten pages of photocopies provided to other library through interlibrary loan are free, with a fee of five cents per page thereafter.
  4. Borrowing libraries are charged for the list costs of items that are returned damaged and beyond use or repair. There is no charge for minor damage that can be repaired or minor wear and tear. Borrowing libraries will be billed for items that are lost and not returned. Libraries with outstanding fess for lost or damaged items may be denied interlibrary loan privileges.

~ Adopted on 6-10-14 (Shelly Wirtz, Director)
~ Reviewed on 4-11-2017, 3-10-2020 (Shelly Wirtz, Director)

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