Display & Bulletin Board

Policy Statement:
The library serves is a community gathering-place. In keeping with this role, the library provides a display case which is available to nonprofit organizations groups or individuals for installation of noncommercial displays that serve the educational cultural or civic needs of the community.

* Displays should be in accordance with the library’s mission and goals. Library display space may be used by non-profit, non-commercial organizations, groups or individuals which share the library’s goal or serving the educational, cultural, and civic needs of the community.
* Displays that endorse a particular political issue or candidate are not accepted.
* The library reserves the right to determine where and how information will be displayed or placed.
* The library reserves the right to deny permission of informational material for display and/or distribution that is in conflict with this policy.
* The name of the sponsoring organization, agency or individual should be clearly identified on all and displays.
* Use of display space for library purposes will take precedence over request from outside agencies or individuals.
* Displays for events or services that charge fees may be posted if the organization or agency offering them is non-profit and non-commercial.
* Installation and removal of a non-library display will be the responsibility of the agency or individual who filled out the request for display space.
* Every precaution will be made to care for the exhibits or displays, however we cannot be responsible for damages or loss. The perpetrator will be liable for damage or stolen property.
* Anyone using the display space must fill out a Release of Liability of Display Materials. (See forms section F VI.)

Bulletin Board:
* Bulletin Board items placed in the library will be determined by the director and board.

~ Adopted on 9-8-15, (Shelly Wirtz, Director)
~ Revised on 6-13-17 (Shelly Wirtz, Director)
~Reviewed on 7-14-2020 (Shelly Wirtz, Director)

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