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Policy Statement:

A Herington Public Library account is required to borrow materials from the library. Library accounts are issued to help the library maintain accountability of library resources and make them available to the public.

An account is a record of each customer including their personal information, items checked out, on hold, associated fines or fees, requests, and other information that allows full use of library services and maintains customer accountability.
A block is a note or message associated with customer accounts. Blocks may include special messages added by staff or automatically generated blocks that indicate fines or fees are due, items are overdue or other circumstances that may affect the use of service.


  1. Registration
    A free library account is issued to anyone who fills out a library card registration form and presents proof of identification and current address. Minors under 14 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the library card registration form. A parent or legal guardian’s identification maybe used for minors. A parent or legal guardian has legal responsibility for his or her child’s use of the library.

Identification should include:

  1. Photographic identification, such as a valid driver’s license, passport, valid student I.D., valid military I.D. Card
  2. Proof of current street address, such as recently postmarked mail, checks, rent receipt, driver’s license, etc.

Library accounts are required for use of library resources to protect the customer and the library from fraud or misuse of their accounts.
Library users may only have one active Herington Public Library account.

  1. User Responsibilities

* Customers are responsible for all materials borrowed or services used with their account.
* Customers are responsible for making sure their personal information is current by informing library staff. Changes of address should be reported promptly, in person at the library, with proper identification.
* Customers should promptly pay all charges for overdue, lost or damaged material.

  1. Account Login

Customer may access certain information about their library account through the public access catalog. This requires username and password. By default the customer’s username is their account number. Password is set to “userpass”. Customers should establish a new password to guarantee privacy. The library’s public access catalog instructs customers how to change their password.

  1. Closing an Account

A customer may ask the library to delete his or her account from the library’s system. All items on the account must be returned. No fines or fees may be on the account. If the customer cannot come to the library to close their account, they should mail a letter requesting the account be deleted.

  1. Confidentiality of Library Account.

Personal information or information about the materials a person has checked out on his or her card will not be given out by staff without a library account.

  1. Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

A customer’s borrowing privileges will be suspended when there is $10.00 or more in fines or fees or lost materials on the account.
When fines are paid and/or lost items are returned, borrowing privileges are reinstated immediately.

Note: Exception to Customer Account Policy is at the discretion of the librarian.

~ Adopted on 6-10-14 (Shelly Wirtz, Director)
~ Revised on 9-8-15, Revised on 3-15-17 (Shelly Wirtz, Director)
~ Reviewed on 2-11-2020 – (Shelly Wirtz, Director)

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